Sunday, January 6, 2013

What if Money Was No Object?

Here is the inspirational video of the day. Is it a right of passage that the first job out of school is difficult and feels like a step backwards? Maybe the fact that we are working at all is what's important. My dad has always said that work is a four letter word for a reason. All of a sudden you graduate, and there is a world that hands you a laundry list of responsibilities and bills. Why do I feel like I started out behind? Perhaps, or most likely,  I'm the spoiled liberal arts graduate with too much time to lean on her philosophy degree and ask herself questions about her greater purpose. Is it really my right to be fulfilled intellectually and able to afford cleaning supplies? Why should I get to have it all? But then again, maybe wasting time is not the same as paying your dues. Starting from the bottom is admirable only when you like the view of the top. So what if just for argument's sake, I take the apartment and grocery shopping for granted? What if money really was no object?

Having spent the last few months mulling over this question, I've decided to dedicate my days off to digging up an answer. In the name of New Years Resolutions, I'll bridge the ever-widening gap of "free days" and "work days." What is it that I want to do every day when I get out of bed? How can I challenge myself to improve without the possibility of deferring the final say to a professor or boss? 

Here's what I've got so far:
1. save more than I spend
2. keep an ongoing list of strengths, weaknesses and tough questions
3. get rid of anything I don't need
4. make rather than buy 

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