Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LA Living

As the boy and I plan our move to the west coast, I find myself looking at interior inspiration with a lighter feel. I've long been a fan of Freunde von Freunden for their unstyled and fresh photos of artists in their natural habitats, and one of their most recent spreads really hits the spot. Claire Cottrell's Mt. Washington home is just what the doctor ordered--a return to simple pleasures and bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. (I could just as easily envy her career as a landscape architect or the fact that she now runs an online art book store).

As an East Coaster, I've spent my time making my home a refuge from the frigid 8 months of winter and stifling summers. It's usually layered with patterns and my eye has been trained to go to plaids and rich colors whenever possible. The new year has me craving something different. Claire's house manages to look finished and lived in even though she's only been there a few months. It's as though she'd rather spend her time arranging flowers than shopping for a bookcase. No matter. The floor is the largest shelf, after all! These photos are the interior design equivalent to a spa day. Don't they make you just want to run around your garden, tending to your pesticide-free tomatoes in your favorite yellow dress?

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