Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have long considered white canvas sneakers a necessary item for spring and summer. The classic Keds and converse low tops have been the go to, but something new has come on my radar. Of course, made nearly 100 years ago in Italy, Superga is hardly a revelation. The boyfriend has worn his so often they are almost unrecognizable in color with more holes than canvas. When I visited him a few weeks ago, we made a special trip to the store in Rome. Though the classic comes in a dozen shades, he went with the tried and true white. Men never change. But there is something about the simple little shoe that works with jeans or a dress. They are after all, the "people's shoes of Italy".

I borrowed them for our day visit to the beaches of Positano. A girl needs some time to get used to walking barefoot on a beach of stones. Poor tootsies. It made me miss the sand of the East Coast just a bit. Turns out, my impractical red dress (I insist on style over function for Italian day trips), and his sneakers make a good team. I may just have to get a pair in my own size to keep all of my summer dresses company.

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