Tuesday, February 5, 2013

25 things You Don't Have to Justify to Anyone

A Gypsy Caravan

In my blog travels, I came across a link to a wonderful little article over on thought catalog. Chelsea Fagan gets it just right with a list of things that people in our mid twenties are constantly justifying. The fact that we have a job, or don't; are in a relationship or aren't; what we do with our free time; how much money we make/spend. How refreshing to read in a public domain all of the things that we worry about are none of anyone's beeswax. We're doing just fine.

I've long struggled with the question of whether to do the "responsible" thing, or what I really want. In reality, I took the job that I was offered instead of holding out for something I wanted, I signed a lease for an apartment that I could barely afford, I buy vegetables instead of chips at the grocery store. And the truth is, I'm not happy. It's not what I wanted. Perhaps I'd soon come to the same conclusion if I lived the life of a bohemian wanderer, but maybe it's worth a shot? I hardly think that the fear of living without health insurance keeps them from living the way they want. If I could find myself a fabulous gypsy caravan, I just might have to make the leap...

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