Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Jean Jacket

From top: Miranda Kerr and Reese Witherspoon rocking the look in warmer weather, Jenna Lyons and an image via the sartorialist in layered looks. 

The jean jacket first made an appearance in my wardrobe back in middle school. I opted for a roomy 80s fit in a medium wash from j.crew (note this was when the brand was an ll bean competitor, before the lyons redesign).

Recently, I noticed my sister getting more use out of jacket then I was, so I decided to pass the torch. I gleefully hopped aboard the chambray shirt bandwagon but something was still missing. So I turned to Levi's for the classic dark wash, fitted and feminine take on the jacket. It arrived today and even has inner pockets for protecting valuables! Who needs a purse? I've reasoned that it works equally well with my black shift dress and white jeans.

In the fall I plan to layer it up with my peacoat and cashmere. This is a comeback I can get behind.

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